Frequently Asked questions

Q - What is dry cleaning?

A - Dry cleaning is a lot like using hand sanitizer instead of actually washing your hands. Instead of the harsh soap and water components, is a solvent ran through a machine that looks similar to a regular washer. The solvent is much more fabric friendly, and can help prevent easy wear and tear on delicate fabrics. 

Q - Why is the associate asking me to sign a release form for non- typical dry cleaned garments?

A - Each associate is trained to ask you about your garment. Any rips, frays, or already bleeding colors are carefully noted in our system. It's important for our customers to know that we can only follow the care labels on items that come into either location. If damage is already present, there is always a risk that the damage could worsen through the cleaning process. 

Q - I just bought a shirt and the colors bled on the first clean, what can I do?

A - Unfortunately we do see this happen, whether the colors weren't properly treated in factory is a mystery, however we will do our best to take the bleeding out. If this doesn't work, we suggest taking it back to the supplier because these always mean a manufacturing error. If you are uncomfortable doing so let us here at DCC take care of the step for you.

Q - I need my clothes repaired before a clean, how do i set that up?

A - We understand how frustrating a rip in your favorite pair of slacks can feel like. That's why we take care of everything. You just need to drop the pants off and we will get them to our seamstress, and then get them cleaned and looking brand new before they ever reach your closet again. 

Q - I need some odd items cleaned like tapestries and hand made quilts

A - We can clean just about anything you bring in. Sometimes these items might require signed releases, however if we aren't confident we can do anything with it we wont take it. 



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