Where do we deliver?

Dry Cleaner Connection currently offers a FREE Delivery service to residential and business areas. This can include office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, doctor's offices, homes, and so much more. We understand that our customers are busy with their daily schedules, which is why we've made laundry worries a thing of the past.  We cover areas throughout the Gorge that include White Salmon, Bingen, Hood River, Mosier, Rowena, and The Dalles. 


Laundry Has Never Been This Easy

 Sign up for our FREE* delivery service and choose between weekly deliveries or only when you need. Our system integrates a state of the art routing system so that you get your laundry exactly when you need it! Our online booking tools are located at the bottom of the web page. 

*Please note any orders under $10.00 will be charged a $3.00 Delivery Fee. 


Delivery FAQ

 Q: How do I get started?

A: It's easy. Use our online booking tool for your area. There you will create an account and book your pickup date on what's provided. We have available reusable garment bags available for purchase also. This reduces the plastic waste and comes with a personalized ID card that makes it easy to recognize where the Dry Cleaning needs to go. Wash & Fold bags will have a similar but smaller ID tag. 

Q : How frequent are deliveries for Wash & Fold?

A: Our delivery days are Tuesdays, so we pick up & return in 1 week.  You can schedule continuous pickup & drop offs in this way. 

Q: How frequent is delivery for Dry Cleaning?

A: For any other items other than wash & Fold, the turnaround time is 1 week. Pickup on Tuesday, delivered the next Tuesday, 

Q: What is included in Wash & Fold?

A: Wash & Fold is anything you can fit inside our custom laundry bags. Your first drop off you will receive your bag with an identification tag and your clothes neatly folded inside. 

Q: Can I put blankets to be washed in the Wash & Fold bag?

A: Yes. Anything you can put inside these bags will be considered for your wash and fold service. Please consider that many items have care labels, if you are including a blanket to be washed be aware that we will wash & fold it. If it is a dry clean item please consider putting it in a separate bag marked for dry cleaning with your name & address on a note. These items take longer to come back, however it is recommended for items that have the dry clean label. 

How It works

Book Online


Log into our website booking tool for your respective store & book a date that works for you. Please book your orders before 8 am on pickup date.

Leave your clothes outside


Keep your Dry Cleaning / Wash & Fold separate and set them outside your doorstep for pickup.  Our driver will come by and pickup these orders. 

Recieve your order back


You will receive real time messages that let you know exactly what's going on with your order every step of the way - including when your order is on its way back to your doorstep. 

Online booking

Hood River, White Salmon, Bingen & Mosier Booking Tool

The Dalles & Rowena Booking Tool