Our Services


Dry Cleaning & Laundering

Dry cleaning that involves all your favorite needs - soaking, spotting & pressing. We use an Eco - Friendly solvent,  DF-2000 - Hoping to lead the trend with treating our environment right.  From laundering shirts to wash & fold - all of your laundering needs are easy at Dry Cleaner Connection.  

  • Garment Cleaning (dress shirts, polos, pants, suits, dresses, blouses, sweaters, skirts, silk ties)
  • Outer Wear (coats, jackets, hats, scarves and gloves)
  • Household Items (bedding, comforters, duvets, blankets, quilts, drapes, tablecloths, rugs, couch cushions
  • Dresses (wedding gowns, evening dresses, casual dresses)
  • Commercial (tablecloths, rags, apron/chef coat, wash & fold, lab coats)
  • Wash and Fold


DCC is proud to offer the services of our seamstress, with 50 + years of experience under large labels like Rossignol, High Gear, Windsurfing Hawaii, Jansen, etc. . You can put your alteration stresses to rest with our guarantee that if it isn't right we'll fix it. 

In Store Steaming / Ironing

Can't wait? We can work with that. Each store offers rapid turn around time for all your immediate ironing / steaming needs. 

Leather Care

Our skilled leather cleaners are located in Seattle, WA. They are responsible for a professional clean on all your leather care. When possible, they can restore color, preserve wedding dresses, leather shoe cleaning, and all your real fur needs. 

Drapery Care

When it comes to large or pleated drapes we have you covered. These are professionally cleaned and pressed back to their original form.

Turn Around Time;

Please be aware that we are a connection point for all of your cleaning needs. When you bring in leather, rugs, or wedding dresses it takes time for cleaning and shipment. With our system notifications you will know whats going on with all of your garments and the estimated time it takes to get them back to you.